Best Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities for fast Job Employment

Best Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities for fast Job Employment. You need to properly investigate any course you want to register for in a Nigerian university. Make sure you go for those courses that are more marketable with broader perspective.

Below are the best courses to study in Nigerian universities:

  1. Medicine.
  2. Law.
  3. Engineering.
  4. Pharmacy.
  5. Accounting.
  6. Nursing.
  7. Economics.
  8. Political Science.
  9. Mass communication.
  10. Agriculture.


Truth is medicine is one of the most marketable courses in Nigerian university. Once you finish your training as a medical doctor, you are very sure of getting job fast. In most instances, jobs are waiting for you once you finish, even before your induction.


Meet the guys that intimate law and management science students with their lab coats and drawing boards. They do not joke with ELA, EMA and MEE. They are called Engineering students.


This is yet another highly marketable course in Nigeria. Graduates of pharmacy are involved in formulating drugs.  They are taught about how drugs work and the side effects of these drugs.


Accounting is a marketable course any day. The service of an accountant is required by virtually all professional bodies, accounting firms and so on.  They audit accounts and are needed to work in several places, like airports, hotels, supermarkets, banks, churches, schools and so on.


Nursing as a course is seriously getting more exposure in Nigeria. Gone are the days when it was classed as female occupation. These days, more guys are going into nursing. Trust me, it is a hot cake course.

Mass Communication

This is yet another very marketable course you can consider if you are an Arts student in secondary school.  It is not offered by many Nigerian universities since not all of them have the facilities to offer the course.

A mass communication graduate can work in a TV station or radio station. He/she can also work in a newspaper industry. He can be employed by government and he can as well go into self employment and become a freelance journalist. As a mass communication graduate, you can equally work at the embassy.


The fact that lawyers are less patronized these days due to the level of corrupting in the country is not a strong signal that the course is not lucrative or profitable. You don’t need to limit yourself to court room. There are many other things to do as a lawyer. You can become an attorney for a big company or even a family lawyer and start earning big.


Economics and accounting work hand in hand. It is a course you should think of studying. It pays…

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