How To Make Club Sandwich

How To Make Club Sandwich –

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Sandwich is an imitation of the regular club sandwiches found around the world but this time improvised to suit the Nigerian environment by including ingredients found very easily in Nigerian environment and grocery stores.

Sandwiches are quick and easy to make. They are extremely convenient for a quick snack in between meals and can be served at semi-formal or informal gatherings, either a picnic or a get-together. Sandwiches go very well alongside assorted beverages ranging from wines, sodas or fruit punches.

Nutritionally, sandwiches are very healthy because they are very rich in vegetables, protein and the right amount of carbs.

Sandwiches are great if you are trying to stick to a weight loss diet because they can be made into purely veggie sandwiches and are very low on calories when consumed as a full meal.

Sandwiches are also very versatile so you can switch up the contents of your sandwich to suit your personal preferences or dietary requirements.

This goes without saying that one can never go wrong with sandwiches especially if you are having a get together with friends and you aren’t very sure of what finger food that everyone would prefer.

In this article I will be writing on how to make two versions of the Nigerian sandwich. One would involve a toaster and one won’t.

Bear in mind that you can always switch things up a little and use a toaster a little bit for both if you like your sandwiches a bit warm and brown.


Ingredients for Salad SandWich
The idea behind this recipe is to be able to convert some of your left over salad from Sunday dinner to a great sandwich for breakfast or pack it for lunch. You can of course make this again from scratch with all the salad ingredients.

Six slices of bread

One hardboiled egg

One fresh plum tomato

Half of a small cabbage

2 pieces of sardine

One medium carrot

One tablespoon margarine

2 tablespoons mayonnaise


a. First cut the crusts clean off the slices of bread and set aside.

b. Cut your eggs in little bits as you would prefer.

c. Wash the carrot, scrap off the skin and the shred into tiny bits with a grater.

d. Wash and grate the cabbage too.

e. Wash the tomato, cut it in half, remove the seeds and wash then thoroughly.

f. Dice the tomatoes.

g. Mix the vegetables together in a small bowl.

h. Add the mayonnaise and stir till they are all properly combined

i. In a separate bowl, crush the sardines. Ensure you remove the sardines from their oil before crushing them.

j. Stir in the margarine and mix till it forms a slight paste.

k. Place one slice of bread on the work surface.

l. Add the vegetable mixture and spread evenly over the slice of bread.

m. Place a second slice of bread over the first. Put the sardines and margarine mixture onto this slice and spread evenly.

n. Cover finally with a third and final slice of bread.

o. Repeat this process with the remaining three slices of bread.

p. Cut across each large sandwich to form triangular mini sandwiches. This should give you four sandwiches.


Ingredient For a Club Sandwich
This recipe is for meat lovers like myself who would love to taste a little meat in everything and like our bread a little brown and a little burnt.

Four slices of bread

One raw egg

One small seasoning cube

One small onion[optional]

Salt and pepper to taste

One fresh plum tomato

Half of a small cabbage

One tablespoon margarine

Three tablespoons of canned beef or one sausage


1. Place your slices of bread on the work surface and carefully cut off the crusts.

2. Break the egg into a little bowl and add the salt, pepper and seasoning cube to taste.

3. Chop the sausages into bits, if you are using sausages.

4. Wash the tomatoes, cut open and remove the seeds.

5. Rinse off thoroughly and chop or dice.

6. Dice the onions.

7. Wash the cabbage thoroughly and shred with a grater.

8. Mix the cabbage and the mayonnaise in a separate bowl.

9. Place two slices of bread flat on the work surface.

10. Some of the egg on one surface of each slice of the bread.

11. Avoid putting too much egg that would soak through the slice of bread but also ensure that it is placed evenly over each slice.

12. Place the sausages on one slice of bread on the same surface that has been covered with egg,

13. Ensure that the sausage doesn’t get to the very edges of the slice. You can leave about one millimetre from the edges of the slice. [ Do same if you are using canned beef].

14. Add the tomatoes, onions, cabbage.

15. Place the other slice of bread on this with the surface having egg on it facing the cabbage. At the end of this the two sides of the sandwich you are to hold should be free of any moisture or egg.

16. Repeat this process with the other two slices of egg.

17. Take out your toaster and grease mildly with some margarine.

18. Place the slices of bread on the toaster and cover for about 10 minutes. You can leave in the toaster for about five minutes then begin to check every minute till it attains your required browness and also to ensure it doesn’t become charred.

Now your sandwich is ready to be enjoyed alongside a cold beverage.

Note: A lot of items used for these recipes are optional, the basic thing you require for a sandwich are essentially bread, margarine [or butter] and an egg [either boiled, fried or just raw as you prefer].

Note also that I did not include separate cooking instructions for the sausage because I am assuming you can cook a sausage.

Also, if you would rather use fried egg for the first recipe rather than a boiled egg, ensure you fry the egg in as little oil as possible so that the sausage won’t be too soggy. Scramble the eggs while frying and still mash them up into little pieces after frying.

If you need more information or you have questions concerning this article, kindly drop your email address and your questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

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