Latest News | Npower Has Started Massive Payments of all Volunteers Stipends

The Npower Has Started Massive Payments of all Volunteers Stipends. This article will give you hope and make you understand that you were never and you will never be forgotten by the npower scheme.

Npower Has Started Massive Payments of all Volunteers Stipends
Npower Has Started Massive Payments of all Volunteers Stipends

I talked extensively about volunteers being paid their stipends and also steps to take if you are not paid and you wish to get paid on time, some people went through it did what we discussed and am happy to announce to you, that those who followed our previous article got paid ever since they read and did what we suggested that should be done, we are coming again with new findings that can help you get paid easily and faster.

We posted earlier that npower had issues with their payment devices which is called system and that according to npower that the payment system has been resolved and that npower volunteers will start receiving alert some people believed us and others doubted it, well after everything a lot of people send us private messages to thank us for the steps which we provided that aid solve their stipends payment issues.

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this is festive period we all understands how this stipends payment is important to you, you have a lot of expenses to make, holidays expenses and travels to embark and that is the reason we are on this.

And also understand this after we have given out the steps to aid you get paid and eventually you get paid please come back leave a comment on this post to encourage others who might doubt us the second time, and for those who do not get paid despite going through this article and doing what is asked to do please still leave a comment to let us know that you have not been paid so that we can work more harder towards solving your payment problem issues.

Faster way to solve the npower backlog and stipends payment issues

For those who are still finding it difficult to get their stipends paid here we are bringing to you a good news and we are saying to you that you should not panic.

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 Make sure all your personal information is updated correctly 

You must try so hard to completely and accurately update your personal informations on your npvn official website portal. you have to Make sure that the names on your account details match that of your npower informations, by so doing you will be paid easily and all backlog cleared. After this has been done please write an email stating the corrections and Send an email to:  [email protected]

Making sure your bvn is correctly linked to your receiving bank account

Should incase you are trying to resolve your backlog, some npower volunteers fail to link their bvn number to their bank account details.  If this  is not done, your account will not be reconciled for payment and once it is not reconsidered payment transactions will not be effective. So to get your backlog payment, please rush to your nearest bank and ask if your account has been link to your BVN. After this has been done please write an email stating the corrections and Send an email to:  [email protected]

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Make sure your account is not a student account if it is use a valid govt issued id card to upgrade it

Backlogs of payment to volunteers may run into several hundred of thousands so it is mandated  that you the receiver should visit your respective banks branch and ask if your account can receive huge sums more than N100,000 and more at a time. Most bank accounts are programmed to receive N20, 000 only per transaction and this also affects the Npower payment channels which pays from N30, 000 and bove, now walk down to your bank and confirm your information from your account manager. After this is been done please write an email stating the corrections and Send an email to: [email protected]

Send npower your Bank account statement

This end is very much important. Whenever you make any complaints that you are being owed stipends for some months, you need to back it up with some claims. You will need to do this. Rush to your bank and request for your statement of account. You should be able to print from where and when you are being owed the npower monthly stipends. Once you get this, scan the documents, then write an email stating the corrections and Send an email to:  [email protected]

And also note that failure to attend to your primary assignments or duties at your place of primary post may result to your payment being put on hold. Also you should know that the time of your verification and being cleared by the npower officials means a lot as that date will serve as the date and month when your stipends will be paid. So many volunteers thought since the npower programme started by December 2016, they are owed December payments but the truth is that it is when you are verified that you will be paid. – NPF Recruitment Portal Dashboard 2019/2020

The truth is that all backlogs will be paid to eligible volunteers only.

our next article will be on npower device collection, how to collect your device faster and very easily please stay glued and if you have not been paid please leave a comment so we can take note of those who are yet to get paid thanks.

we wish you merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance.

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